Michelle Pierson Young is a wife, a mother, a writer, an artist, a life coach, a Dream Builder and a fine, fine human being. Seriously. I am.

Raised in a small, rural community in Idaho, she uses charming colloquialisms like, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” as well as, “She was knee high to a grasshopper.” That said, she does not condone the skinning of cats in any circumstances.

She spent all her college money at BYU where she studied journalism.

The adult years of her life have been spent in raising a family, partnering with her best friend and husband on many ventures and adventures, and on trying to learn as much as she could about as many subjects as possible, including, but not limited to; Spanish, psychology, art, philosophy, travel and sociology.

Michelle is certified as a life coach as well as a Dream Builder Coach through Life Master Institute.

Not one to limit her interests, she is the Managing Editor of womennetwork.com as well as a successful blogger and has a weekly podcast.

Though dedicated to home and family, Michelle has spent many years in community service, presiding over women’s and youth organizations, playing a key role in disseminating welfare services through her community church and running a summer camp for young women for four action packed years.

Willing to take on any challenge, Michelle found herself overseeing her husband’s company, Laughlin Associates, as well as developing property, building houses and learning the ins and outs of dealing with local county authorities, perhaps the biggest challenge yet.

Michelle’s assets stem from a broad range of experiences and a willingness to serve, expand and grow in whatever circumstance she may find herself and making it feel like every day is a play day. Because “play” doesn’t happen all that naturally for grown-ups, her favorite thing in the world is helping you do it too.

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